Product changes must be made within 15 calendar days, from the date of receipt of the product. You must contact WP (+5411) 2360-5152, requesting the change and sending or approaching our address. The costs for changes and shipments are borne by the customer

At Body Control we do not make returns or exchange sizes for products that have already been used. The product exchange will be made within 15 days from the delivery or receipt of the product. Changes from one item to another will be made only if it is in stock and paying the difference if any.

(*) Law 26,361, art. 34 (Regulations for the Protection and Defense of Consumers)

The cost of shipping and withdrawal, as the case may be, will be assumed by fajasbodycontrol.com.ar when the item change occurs because:

a) The product does not correspond to the detail of the invoice.

b) The product corresponds to the detail of the invoice, but it is not what is requested in the purchase order.

It is very important that upon receipt of the purchase you check the good condition of the products before signing the delivery note. The name, signature and DNI at the

time of delivery will be a sample of agreement on receipt and claims for cosmetic and / or missing damage will not be accepted once the receipt letter is signed.



To change a product it is necessary that it has the original label

The garment must be unworn and in perfect condition, without stains or tears, unless it is due to damage to the seam and factory imperfections.

Girdles are intimate garments; once used they cannot be returned

The girdles are like intimate garments for which we always recommend as far as possible that they be tried on with clean skin after bathing to avoid stains, try on the girdle even before a surgical treatment to see precisely the models and sizes suitable for this effect.



Body Control wants all its customers to feel safe and comfortable when wearing their garments, for this reason it offers clear and uncomplicated guarantee policies.

Body Control assumes the following guarantees on its product:

1. Is responsible for imperfections or factory breaks in the materials of the product.

2. Responsible for imperfections in the seam.

3. All garments must be unworn, without stains and in perfect condition. Girdles are intimate garments for which they cannot be exchanged or returned once worn. Garments on sale or offline have no exchanges or returns; for being unique garments or out of stock.

The above anomalies are valid for 15 calendar days after the order is delivered or dispatched to the customer.

If the garment presents any of the above described imperfections, it must be sent or delivered for analysis; depending on the damage, it will be repaired, or it will be replaced by a new garment of the same style, size and color.

No claims or rejections are accepted for reasons other than those specified in points 1. 2. and 3.

Post-surgical recommendation: The girdle should be used from the moment the cosmetic surgery is finished to avoid inflammation and swelling of the intervened areas.

* Body Control is not responsible for the prescription of the Doctor or Plastic Surgeon, nor for the disagreement of the product already purchased