How to buy or correct size?


Escolha or size to see the availability of the product you want to buy, products with sizes that can be selected, but they can not be added to or carrinho, they cannot be acquired due to lack of stock.


As an escort or a certain size?


The sizes can vary according to the model, skirt or size suitable for no problems with your purchase. Consult the Tamanhos Guide and follow the instructions that accompany each product, mainly keeping your waist in mind, which is the most important part that you want to control.


What kind of tape should I buy?


All the Body Control tapes are adapted to each need, we always recommend more comfortable escort for the area you want and prefer to control. All of our tapes are multifunctional for abdominoplasty, liposuction, postpartum, reduction, modeling, sports body control or posture surgery.


How can tapes be tested?


Shapewear cannot be experienced. As tapes are only for intimate clothing and cannot be experimented, by isso we indicate how to measure obrigatória for escort or maximum size possible. To consult for removals and guarantees enter here


How do I know when I order chega?


Na Argentina passes through the market shipments that go direct to the distribution center in the next provinces chegam no next day.


     You can place your CEP with us shipping forms and send it automatically, no day that it can delay for your order to check, bem as or custody of the shipment.


     You can withdraw some products in our order, not the same day of purchase, you can also see the delivery schedule of each product.


International shipments are made by DHL, you can check here how the shipping processes are.


How do I know if a purchase is made on the site?


At the time of purchase we will send a notification via email informing or progressing your order. We will also notify approved purchases with an order number, preparation, status and order tracking.


For any inconvenience with your purchase, you can contact us at WhatSapp at + 54911-2360-5152.